I am Spartan.


I have a Bachelor’s degree from a pretty well-known university; I have an MBA; I’m a certified EMT- all accomplishments I have achieved myself, but none that required as much blood, sweat, tears (and bruises) than this past weekend. On Saturday, I completed something I never thought I would even attempt.

I earned a Spartan Trifecta.IMG_2112

Now, I know what you must be thinking… “So what? A stupid medal is better than a degree?” But it’s not just a stupid medal.

Not to me.

Looking at the many pictures and selfies I’ve posted over the years, you can probably tell I’m not the most fit person on the planet. A couple years ago, I hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer and successfully lost 60 pounds, but after starting hormones, my weight jumped back up and I’ve been struggling with it for the past 10 months. My weight is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life, but my activity level has never faltered, and completing this trifecta reinforced the fact that I don’t have to look like a fitness model in order to achieve something great, and not all people that look the way I do sit on their butts all day watching Grey’s Anatomy….

…only sometimes 😉

IMG_2114There’s no cheating in a Spartan Race. Of course, you can skip an obstacle, fill the bucket a little short, or cut the burpees, but at the end of the day, you still have to run (or walk) those 4+, 8+, and 14+ miles for the Sprint, Super, and Beast, and that’s where the pure sense of accomplishment comes in. Jumping over that fire as the very last obstacle, you’re reminded of the endless hills (or mountains) you have climbed, fallen (or slid) down, the twisters you’ve fallen off of, and the weight of the sandbag resting ever so uncomfortably on your shoulders, inevitably shifting the sand to one side so you’re thrown off balance.

The slogan posted on many Spartan items really sums it up: “You’ll know at the finish line,” and for me, each finish line is just the beginning of a new adventure. #AROO



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