Hello and Happy 2018!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. I wanted to take this moment to announce a new project I’ve been working on, which I decided to title #IAmMe.#IAmMe

Last year, I encountered a Facebook post by this dude named Jack in a popular FtM group that read:

“My mom is convinced that I’m trans because I have unresolved issues with my past lives and need to go to a therapist that will put me in deep hypnosis so I can come to terms with my masculine past lives and stop being trans.”

He followed that up with, “I get that she’s in denial, but this is a whole new level of whack.”

I agree, Jack, and immediately thought, “WAIT….hold up. Is she for real? Do people like this STILL exist in the world?” Sure enough, after scrolling down a bit and reading multiple other peoples’ similar accounts of why their family or “friends” believe them to be trans or non-binary, I knew it to be true, and I’ll quote the president for this one because there’s no other feeling I could describe this realization other than, “SAD.”

Another feeling swept over me though, and this time it was one of relief. Browsing through those comments made me realize how important it is to feel like someone “gets” you, even though they might be suffering worse than you, and so an idea was born. I spent the next couple of months gathering as many quotes and stories about ignorant family members and false friends so that I could present a collection of honest and raw accounts from real people in hopes that I could show others that they are not alone. There is a network of us out there and not everyone is going to understand the intricacies of our identity, but the important thing, above all is that we know who we are at our core.


I hope you connect with these stories the same way I connected with all of these people, and remember, You are You, I am Me, and Together, We can be Strong.



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