Welcome & Happy Pride!

LookHuman.com Transgender Media T-Shirt

Welcome to the new TRANS TRAVELS blog and Happy Pride! In the spirit of all things sarcastic and me, I’ve decided to invest in new apparel for this weekend’s pride in NYC (I’m hoping it’s delivered in time!) … <— Too cheap to pay for priority shipping.

I discovered this amazing website through one of my ∑AI sisters, LookHuman.com, which has all sorts of cool LGBT gear, among many other funky things.

I’ve finally budgeted the time (and money) to sit out and configure my new domain for this blog so that I can hopefully connect it to my YouTube and be fancy like that. Pop back in from time to time to check out what I’m adding to the site… A ton of travel, my transition mission, some art, music, and really whatever else I feel like pouring on to this site. If there’s a topic that you think I’d be good at discussing, let me know and I’ll try to feature it so that people actually read it.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep fanboying about how .LGBT is an actual legit domain…and it’s MINE. Muahaha. Until next time…SEE YOU AT PRIDE.